New and unique OTC pain patch
Proven equal efficacy compared to RX lidocaine patches
Significantly less expensive



LidoPatch® is ONLY OTC patch
proven equal to Rx Lidocaine Patch

In a recently published, peer reviewed clinical trial LidoPatch® was proven to provide equal efficacy as compared to Rx lidocaine patches. The increased skin permeability effect of menthol allowed for more effective delivery of a lower dose of lidocaine.

LidoPatch® is cost effective

With prices less than $1.00/patch (plus wholesaler fees) LidoPatch® is less than ½ the price or less then generic Rx Lidocaine patches. Contact us directly to receive volume discounts through your wholesaler.

Institutional Friendly Packaging

Bar code on each individually sealed patch
30 patch SKU

LidoPatch® is the ONLY patch
proven to Increase Activity

Increased Activity has been associated with better outcomes and even early discharge for some patients LidoPatch® was statistically significantly superior to placebo in improving a patients’ activity levels and ability to return to normal work. Not even Rx lidocaine patches can make that claim.

All Day Adhesion with LidoPatch®’s
“Patch Covers”

Tired of adhesion problems with generic patches? LidoPatch® eliminates that issue by including a “Patch Cover” with every patch we ship. A Band-Aid® like cover that is about an inch wider and longer then the patch that if needed can be placed over the patch to ensure all day adhesion

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Lidocaine Patch Market Overview

What People Are Saying


It was a smooth switch for our hospital. P&T was easy given the comparative clinical information that is available. My budget is smaller and there have been no patient complaints.

Steve W.

Director of Pharmacy

We’ve implemented an interchange a few months ago and we’ve had no problems. LidoPatch® is the same size and shape and you can even cut them just like the generic Lidoderm® patches.


Clinical Pharmacist

I love the Patch Covers. We’ve had many issues with the patches coming off of patients who are just moving around in bed all day just to get comfortable. The covers have helped with that tremendously.

Deanna W.


Study Results

Study Results

Clinical Research


Castro et al., Pain Manag. 2017 Nov;7(6):489-498. doi:
10.2217/pmt-2017-0029. Epub 2017 Aug 14

Aim: Transdermal lidocaine therapy has become a gold standard as part of a treatment regimen for patients who suffer from localized pain. We compared transdermal patches: over-the-counter (OTC) lidocaine 3.6% combined with menthol 1.25%, prescription lidocaine 5% (Rx) and placebo.

Methods: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 87 patients were randomized to: OTC, Rx or placebo.

Results: OTC met primary end points of non-inferiority compared with Rx for efficacy, side effects and quality of life. Versus placebo, OTC proved superiority for efficacy, general activity and normal work. Side effects were similar.

Conclusion: It is theorized that menthol’s ability to increase skin permeability facilitated more efficient drug delivery to the site of pain causing higher than expected efficacy. Decreased cost and resource utilization could benefit patients and payers.

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