Why Use LidoPatch®?

Proven to Relieve Pain Faster and Increase Productivity Levels without Hurting your Wallet.

LidoPatch® is the only OTC lidocaine patch proven to enable users to return to normal work and daily activities faster, and simultaneously increase previous activity levels.  In addition to speed and effectiveness, LidoPatch® is significantly less costly than prescription lidocaine patches; relieving pain and strain on your wallet.

LidoPatch® stays in place.

Given different skin types and activity levels, any topical patch can be difficult to hold in place all day. LidoPatch® is the only patch that includes a patent pending “Patch Cover”. Similar to an adhesive bandage, the cover is about 1″ wider and longer than the patch itself. If you choose to apply the Patch Cover, which is placed over the patch after the patch is in place, it virtually ensures all day adhesion.

The First OTC Lidocaine Patch

LidoPatch® was the First Over-the-counter Lidocaine patch to Incorporate Menthol.

In addition to being the first non-prescription lidocaine patch on the market, LidoPatch® was the first to utilize the unique combination of lidocaine and menthol. In addition to providing naturally soothing pain relief, menthol safely increases skin permeability to enable a more efficient delivery of lidocaine.

LidoPatch® is cost effective.

If your insurance company or government payer is refusing to cover the cost of prescription lidocaine patches, out-of-pocket expenses can add up fast.  LidoPatch® offers the same or better results, at less than half the cost of prescription patches. And with the recommended dose of just one patch per day, each 30-day supply of LidoPatch® lasts longer and costs less than other prescription or OTC lidocaine patches.

LidoPatch® for Back Pain
LidoPatch® for Arthritis
LidoPatch® for Muscle Sprains and Strains
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